A flowing artesian well is the result of drilling into an aquifer or formation, that is under sufficient pressure, that water will actually flow over the top of the well on its own. In some areas, such as the Lumby-Coldstream area, these wells can overflow at hundreds of gallons per minute. These wells can carry a significant risk of liability. If the well is incorrectly drilled, or if pressure forces water to bypass the well casing and come out of the ground, it can create a very expensive and difficult problem to remediate. You should discuss the likelihood of encountering artesian conditions with your driller. You can also check for known artesian areas

Video showing water from Artesian Pressure (NOT being pumped!

The risks associated with flowing artesian wells should be carefully evaluated in consultation with an expert, and you should consider discussing the risks and liabilities with your insurance company to ensure you are protected against what can be staggering costs to bring under control

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