249 gallons per minute, and so far we have pumped out 36,000 gallons! This is a fine well!

For some hydrogeological testing purposes, a well must be pumped for 72 continuous hours, day and night with measurements taken manually, every hour!

Well flow and volume testing is our specialty!

Veteran well-driller and an expert on Southern BC aquifers and geology, Max takes a water level measurement during a well test for an industrial project in the Okanogan. Well flow and volume testing is our specialty!


A superb well drilled many decades ago in the Prince George area that we flow tested . It is capable of 3000 gallons per minute!



Ian is installing a “Well Buster”. on a new well. This is a device that plugs off the top of a well to prevent water from gushing over the top. This well is a flowing artesian well. At the time of insertion the water is being pumped out of the well at 100 gallons per minute from a valve lower down. Without that, water would geyser over the top! This device keeps water below ground level so as to prevent freezing in winter.

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